Discovers The Risks Which Are </br> Not Visible To Human Eyes

Gas Detectors EZ40

Extech EZ40: EzFlex™ Combustible Gas Detector
Quickly Identifies and Pinpoints Gas Leaks
The Extech EZ40 EzFlex Combustible Gas Detector has a 16 inch gooseneck for easy access into hard to reach locations. Detector has a high sensitivity and a one hand operation with thumb controlled sensitivity adjustments to eliminate the background gas levels. It has a visible and audible alarm at 10% (LEL) lower explosive limited for methane. This gas detector will help you locate the smallest leaks. Complete with 3 C batteries.
Gas Detected: • Natural Gas • Methane • Ethane • Propane • Butane • Acetone • Alcohol • Ammonia • Steam • Carbon Monoxide (not to quantify) • Gasoline • Jet Fuel • Hydrogen Sulfide • Smoke • Industrial Solvents • Lacquer Thinner • Naphtha

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