Discovers The Risks Which Are </br> Not Visible To Human Eyes

Non-Contact Voltage Detector VP 52

The FLIR VP52 is a tough, CAT IV-rated Non-Contact Voltage Detector featuring a combination of alerts - tactile vibration and red LED alarms, a powerful LED flashlight, and versatile voltage sensitivities. We engineered the FLIR VP52 to reliably detect voltages on the latest tamperproof outlets and electrical systems installed using modern construction methods.
A voltage detector on steroids

Designed for long product life cycles and 3m (9.8') drop tested, the VP52 will last you for years to come.
Reliably detects voltage in the latest safety outlets, and the low-profile probe tip gets the sensor closer to electrical sources.
Built to reduce the chance of dropping, the VP52 has an anti-roll case with double molded slip resistant grip

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