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TYPE 2 SOUND LEVEL METER 407732-KIT, 407732-KIT-NIST AND 407732, 407732-NISTL

Choice of NIST Certified Kit

407732-NISTL sound level meter with single point calibration to 94dB, combined with a NIST-certified

407722 94dB/114dB, 1kHz professional calibrator


Features & Benefits

Complete with 407732 Sound Meter, microphone wind screen, calibration screw driver, 9V battery, plus 407722 Sound Calibrator with 9V battery. Supplied in an attractive hard carrying case that provides protection and organization for your meter and accessories

Model 407732

•    High accuracy meets ANSI, and IEC Type 2 standards
•    High and Low measuring ranges (35 to 130dB)
•    Data Hold and Max Hold functions
•    Backlit display to view in dimly lit area

Model 407722

•    Calibrates and verifies sound level meter operation
•    Durable double molded housing
•    1kHz sine wave at 94dB/114dB is generated to an accuracy of 4% (frequency) and ±0.5dB
•    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <2% at 94dB

Features & Benefits


•    Complete with 407732-KIT plus NIST Certificate of Calibration of 407722 and Limited NIST calibration of 407732-NISTL (single calibration to 94dB)


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