80-mL Pressure Vessel

Turn your Focused Microwave Synthesis System into a Bench-Top Production Workstation


The 80-mL Pressure Vessel option allows batch scale-up of reactions developed in the 10-mL sealed vial. The vessel installs easily on any Focused Microwave Synthesis instrument without the use of special tools and is compatible with all other system features. The working temperature and pressure limits are 200 oC and 200 psi (~14 bar). The total vessel volume is 80 mL with a working volume of 50 mL.




The thick-walled Pyrex vessel comes with a seal cover assembly, cavity access port and pressure control module. Scale-up reactions by a factor of '8' relative to those run in the 10-mL vial. Engineered for safety, the 80-mL vessel assembly features an interlocking design that prevents usage unless the vial is secure. In addition, the vessel cannot be removed until it is vented to atmospheric pressure.

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