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contamination control method


The PH-5 is the most highly advanced aerosol photometer available today. The PH-5 utilizes a high resolution graphics display providing an easy to read panel display. The PH-5 plug and play probe is light weight and features remote control of alarm options (includes a visual, audible, and the NEW INNOVATIVE VIBRATING alarm).

Standard Features

High Resolution Graphical Display
Menu-Driven Software Functions
Automatic Zeroing and Ranging
Proven LED Light Source (Light Chamber)
Reference Settings for Multiple Testing Reagents
Retains Reference Settings When Powered Off
Displays Upstream Ref. / Concentration Setting
Stable at Low Concentrations of Aerosol (≥ 10ug/l)
Probe Selectable Audible, Visual, Vibrating Alarms
Plug and Play Probe – 11 foot length
USB Interface.
Lightweight Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Case
Accepts Worldwide Operating Voltages
Optional Heavy Duty Shipping / Carrying Case.

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