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AirAssure PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor can provide real-time, reliably accurate measurement of PM2.5 dust concentrations inside commercial buildings. 

An easy-to-read digital display provides quick reference and interpretation of data. A simple dashboard interface enables convenient monitoring of multiple networked units.

The AirAssure Monitor is the ONLY cost effective on-the-wall instrument to meet the needs of ALL the stakeholders in a building.
•    For Occupants - A measurement they can trust, in an easy-to-read color coded, digital display.
•    For Building Managers - A low maintenance unit with patented measurement stability and a simple dashboard interface that enables convenient monitoring of multiple networked units.
•    For Building Owners/Employers - Accurate measurements and demonstrated indoor air quality helps to retain employees and improve occupancy rates with the promise of a safe, healthy indoor environment.

Features & Benefits

•    Ideal for commercial buildings
•    Simple wall mount installation
•    Analog and ethernet output available
•    Measures PM2.5 dust concentrations
•    At-a-glance interpretation of data, correlates to the Air Quality Index
•    Patent-pending auto-zero mechanism ensures consistently accurate performance
•    Field-serviceable
•    NIST traceable calibration


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