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MODELS LCA301 AND LCA501 (Airflow)

The Airflow Instruments Rotating Vanes LCA301 is a light weight, robust, and simple to use Rotating Vane Anemometer that provides accurate and reliable readings every time. Ideal for HVAC commissioning at grilles, ducts, and diffusers; the LCA301 displays readings in metric or imperial mode.

Features and Benefits  (Model LCA301)

•    Reversible 100 mm head allows readings at supply and extract grilles
•    Calculates volumetric flow rate 
•    Compatible with Aircone Flow Hoods
•    No density correction factors required
•    Automatic averaging of air velocity
LCA501 is a hand held digital Rotating Vane Anemometer used for air velocity and volumetric flow measurements. High accuracy and reliability make the LCA501the professional tool for measuring unevenly distributed of fluctuating velocity or flow.

Added Features and Benefits (Model LCA501) 

•    Measures velocity and temperature
•    Sweep mode for one overall measurement
•    Log, store, and recall data
•    Download data to a PC
•    Optional telescopic probe available
•    Compatible with Aircone Flow Hoods

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