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The ALF 150 duct leakage tester is a low cost, light-weight and totally self-contained primary device machine. It can generate up to 150l/s of airflow and test up to 2500Pa static pressure.

The ALF 150 Duct Leakage Tester is a low cost, compact, light-weight and totally self-contained unit. Commissioning engineers are provided with a high-quality duct leakage tester with everything needed to test duct work systems for leakage under both Positive and Negative pressure. It is capable of developing static pressures from -2500Pa to +2500Pa, and flow rates of 1 to 150l/s. This provides approximately 140l/s of air flow for Class A leakage tests and up to 70l/s for Class C/D leakage tests. The ALF 150 uses conical inlet nozzles, which means the unit is a primary device.

A single all in one instrument means that this duct leakage tester is not only simple to use but also removes the complexity that might be associated with operating a duct work leakage tester and other forms of testing equipment. The ALF 150 duct leakage tester is easily transportable and can be moved to site in the back of most small hatchbacks.


Standards EN 1507 / 12237, DW/143, SMACNA
Volume Flow Measurement 1 l/s to 150 l/s over nozzle ranges
Pressure Measurement Range ± 2500 Pa
Typical Duty Points 70 l/s at 2000Pa, 140 l/s at 500Pa
Pressure Measurement Accuracy ± 1% of reading ± 1 digit
Leakage Flow Accuracy ± 2.5% of reading ± 1 digit
Resolution 1Pa
Sensor Damping 0.5s – 7.5s
Power 400W
Voltage 230Vac 50/60Hz (or 110Vac 50/60Hz available)
Unit Size 35 (W) x 46 (D) x 80 (H) cm
Unit Weight 20kg
Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Size 45 (W) x 45 (D) x 55 (H) cm


Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Weight 10.5kg
Clip on Trolley Size 38 (W) x 20 (D) x 94 (H) cm
Clip on Trolley Weight 6.7kg



Duct Leakage Testing
Chilled Beam Testing
AHU Testing
End Of Line Testing

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