ALPHA II Compact FTIR Spectrometer

The ALPHA II is a very compact FTIR spectrometer for quick, easy and reliable IR-analysis. The design of its hard- and software are highly integrated for an intuitive and convenient operation.

All spectrometer components are built for continuous availability and a long life time. Bruker’s permanently aligned RockSolidTM interferometer and the reliable diode laser guarantee an accurate and precise data acquisi­tion.


 The need for maintenance is minimized and running costs are kept very low due to the long life time of the relevant components like interferometer, IR-source and laser.

A wide range of QuickSnapTM sampling modules is available for the ALPHA II, providing a perfectly matching measurement setup for a large variety of samples and applications.


 ALPHA II is easily operated even by spectroscopic inexperienced personnel. Powerful but easy to use functions for verifying and identifying IR-spectra and performing quantitative analysis are included in the software.


Spectral range:                                            350 – 8,000 cm-1, with standard KBr beamsplitter

 500 – 6,000 cm-1, option: „High Humidity“ ZnSe optics

Signal-to-noise ratio:                              Typically >55,000:1 (1 min measurement time, spectral resolution 4 cm

Spectral resolution:                                 Better than 2 cm-1, optional better than 0.75 cm-1, free adjustable resolution from 0.75 cm-1 to 256 cm

Wavenumber accuracy:                         <0.05 cm-1 @ 2,000 cm-1

Spectrometer power:                              100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 20 W (low energy consumption)

Wavenumber precision:                        Repeatability <0.0005 cm-1 @ 2,000 cm-1 (standard deviation of 10 repeated measurements)

Photometric accuracy:                           Better than 0.1% T

A/D converter:                                           24 bit dynamic range

Software                                                        Data acquisition, control, evaluation and reporting with ALPHA II is performed using the validated all-in-one OPUS software


• Step-by-step analysis wizard for quality control applications

• Spectra comparison method for material verification

• Library search for material identification

• Mixture analysis, information search, peak search (OPUS/SEARCH required)

• Free starter library with more than 350 spectra

• User specific library set-up

• Peak labelling

• Quantification method (Lambert-Beer‘s Law)

• Peak integration function (area, height)

• Automated water vapor compensation

• Data pre-processing routines, such as baseline correction

• Multimedia FT-IR tutorial

• Spectra interpretation tool

• Automation capabilities

• Macro functionality

• Lab journal

• Analytical report generation with predefined print layouts, customizable

• Easy export of spectral data and evaluation results to other programs

• Option to store spectral data and evaluation results either in an internal or a user-defined database

  • Multi level user management

• Customizable work spaces

• Online help

• Permanent display of instrument status (PerformanceGuardTM)

• GMP/GLP compliance, Audit trail

• CFR 21p11 compliance (OPUS/VALIDATION required)

The ALPHA II makes FTIR analysis simpler than it has ever been before. The easy and intuitive user interface guides you through all steps of IR-analysis.

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