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AP100 Ultrapure LN2 Fogger

The Apollo 100, (AP100) Cleanroom Ultrapure Fogger produces the highest volume of ultrapure fog needed for 3D video and visual airflow confirmation in clean rooms, sterile rooms, ISO suites and medical rooms. The AP100 provides an adjustable 5 to 15 cubic meters per minute with 1520 ml of fog density/minute for up to 90 minutes to visualize airflow for 30 – 40 feet; using 2 to 4 fog hose outputs and 2 water heaters.
Patterns of air flow, turbulence and velocity can be viewed with a non-contaminating fog. The AP100 ultrapure fog generator is used in clean rooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms, etc., to visualize airflow patterns, turbulence, find dead zones, flow direction. The ultrapure fogger provides a very dense fog by generating vapor fog droplets at 1-3 micron diameter, permitting the fog to travel much further in the air stream. As the fog evaporates back to the same pure elements we breathe, no cleanup is required. The fog exit temperature is about 75 F degrees, and the airflow can be adjusted to your airflow dynamics. The high purity fog floats into the airflow, rather than dropping as with ultrasonic foggers. A polycarbonate Fog Tube and 4 long, flexible, 15 foot, (5M) Fog Hoses are provided, other accessories also available. The ultrapure fogger rolls easily across a floor with caster wheels. A front storage drawer is provided.

Fog purity is achieved by bringing DI water to a evaporative temperature creating an ultrapure water vapor. The DI water vapor is then combined with LN2 (liquid nitrogen), which boils at room temperature. The two vapors combine to form a highly dense, ultrapure fog to visualize airflow, patterns and turbulence in clean rooms, ISO suites and sterile rooms. The fog generated is the highest volume, highest density, highest purity to visualize airflow and turbulence. The fog is neutrally buoyant, thus when entering the airflow, the fog travels with the airflow, rather than dropping in the airflow, as with ultrasonic foggers that produce lower temperature fog outputs.

Part #: AP100 Ultrapure LN2 Fogger
Fog Duration up to 90 minutes, 2 or 4 fog hose outputs
Fog Volume / Minute 15.5 Meters3 / minute, Adjustable Fog Volume
Total Fog Volume Produced 1395 Meters3 / 90 minutes, Adjustable Flow
Fog Type UltraPure for Class 1 to Class 10,000 use
LN2 (LNG) Dewar Capacity 100L, 26.45 US Gallons LED Fog Illuminator
DI Water Boiler Capacity 10L, 2.65 US Gallons
Dimensions 1.2M H x 700mm W x 1.0 M D
Full Weight 181 kg, 398 lbs, on rolling trolley


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