AAF Series - 3 & 7 litres


The AAF ashing furnace range is designed specifically to provide optimum ashing conditions to ensure complete combustion of the sample. The AAF 11/3 & AAF 11/7 ashing furnaces provide a continuous flow of preheated air through the chamber, and are designed to comply with ISO 1171:2010, ASTM D3174-04: 2010 and ASTM D4422.

Standard features

  •  1100°C maximum operating temperatures
  •  Carbolite Gero 301 controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer
  •  Large floor area allows for large numbers of samples
  •  Ideal for ashing foods, plastics, coal & other hydrocarbon materials
  •  Designed to comply with ISO 1171:2010, ASTM D3174-04:2010 and ASTM D4422
  •  Wire elements are protected from chemical & mechanical damage by a hard wearing alumina based liner
  •  4 sided heating (2 sides, roof & hear th)
  •  Air inlet & tall chimney give air flow of 4 to 5 changes per minute
  •  Low chamber height holds air flow close to samples for optimum combustion
  •  Powerful elements with graded winding compensate for heat loss due to high air flow
  •  Preheating of air before it enters the chamber gives excellent unifor mity
  •  Sample tray and loading handle 





Max temp (°C)                                                                                               1100

Heat-up time (mins)                                                                                       155

Max continuous operating temp (°C)                                                        1000


Internal H x W x D (mm)                                                                              90 x 170 x 455


External H x W x D (mm)                                                                             650 x 430 x 740


External with door open H x W x D (mm)                                                 905 x 430 x 740

Dimensions: Height to top chimney (mm)                                               1060

Volume (litres)                                                                                              7

Max power (W)                                                                                              4000

Holding power (W)                                                                                       2624

Thermocouple type                                                                                     K

Weight (kg)                                                                                                    63

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