MODEL NO: 85 A, 85 B



- Specially Designed For Many Clinical Tests Performed In Laboratories Including Blood Test In Activation Of

Cultures, Incubators, Enzyme Analyses, Melting & Boiling Point Determinations, Wet Aching, Sample

Concentration, Cabalist Digestion & Many More Applications.

- Highly Insulated Chamber Provide Uniform & Efficient Heat Transfer To Test Tubes.

- Exterior Body Made Of GI Finished In Powder Coated Shade.

- Block Made Of Aluminum Alloy For Excellent Uniform Temperature.

- With Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller with Dual Digital Indicator. & PT- 100 Sensor

- Temp. Range: 4°C above Ambient To 240°C.

- Temp. Accuracy: + 1°C to + 2°C.



CAT NO: 85 A

                BLOCKSIZE: 3” X 4” X 7”

                SIZE OF UNIT: 14” X 8” X 10” Ht

                SIZE OF TUBE CAN BE  ACCOMMODATE: 19 mm X 6 Nos. 150 mm


CAT NO: 85 B

                  BLOCKSIZE: 3” X 7” x 7”

                  SIZE OF UNIT: 14” X 11” X 10” Ht

                  SIZE OF TUBE CAN BE ACCOMMODATE: 19 mm X 12 Nos. 150 mm








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