CEM MicroVessel

CEM Corporation, the pioneer in Microwave applications for the laboratory, offers a complete line of equipment to improve laboratory throughput. Analytical and process chemists around the world have come to equate the CEM name with the finest quality microwaves-based products on the market. CEM developed the tools and methods that define microwaves in the laboratory.

The CEM MicroVessel allows rapid microwave preparation of small samples (< 50 mg) of biological and plant tissues with the convenience of high throughput. The small internal volume of 3 and 7 mL ensures that the sample size is matched to the vessel volume so analytes are not lost during the transfer steps. These vessels are composed of PFA Teflon® and designed for use inside the CEM HP and XP Plusä vessels. Three-3 mL or two-7 mL MicroVessels can be placed in the HP or XP vessel liners to provide throughput of up to 41 or 27 samples per run. A MicroVessel with a control cap provides in-vessel temperature measurement and feedback control of the reaction conditions. The user-defined temperature control ensures complete digestion of the organic matrix.




Capacity                                                            3 or 7 mL

Vessel Material                                                 PFA Teflon

Maximum Control Temperature                      200oC

Tightening Torque                                           20 inch-pounds

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