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The CleanRoom Fogger is a DI Water Fogger designed for low cost, easy to use visualization of airflow and turbulence with on/off fog control in Pharmaceutical ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 9 areas, barrier isolators, Semiconductor clean rooms and around equipment. Fog visibility distance is based on airflow velocity and humidity around the fog. DI Water Foggers produce a 65 degree, visible vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog) at 8-10μm droplet size. The fog is as clean as the DI Water or WFI Water used.

Standard Features 

•    Pharmaceutical USP 797 & Semiconductor Applications
•    Polypropylene Enclosure: No Fingerprints as with SS, Easy to Clean
•    Create Fog with Di Water or Distilled WFI Water
•    Video Airflow Patterns, Air Migration and Turbulence
•    Use in Pharmaceutical Barrier Isolators, Glove Boxes & ISO 5 areas
•    Visualize Semiconductor Clean Room Pressure / Turbulence Issues
•    6cfm of Fog for 60 Minutes Operation, Refill and Continue Fogging
•    Fill Level Indicator and Water Drain
•    Top Holding Handle Provides Convenient Carry of Fogger
•    NEW Fog Curtain Tube, Optional to create a Fog Wall
•    NEW 5M, Power On/Off, Cable & Switch for Remote Control
•    Corrugated, White Fog Hose, 30” ~ 72” extended, 2.35” ID, 2.6” OD
•    Low Water Sensors for Transducer Protection

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