MODEL NO: 62 A, 62 B, 62 C, 62 D, 62 E, 62 F, 62 G



- Double Walled In Construction Inner Made of SS 304 & Exterior GI Powder Coated Shade in REGULAR MODEL. Inner MADE Of SS 304 & Outer SS 304 Matt/Buff Finish In GMP MODEL.

- The High Grade Compressed Glass Wool/PUFF Insulation Provided In Between The Wall To Minimize The Heat Loss.

- The Temp. Is Being Controller By Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller with Dual Digital Indicator. & Pt- 100 Sensor.

- The Air Circulation Is Being Performed By Motorized Blower System Firmly Installed At The Top Of The Unit.

- The Cooling Kit Includes Hermetically Sealed Compressor, Condenser, Fan Motor Etc. & Are Safely Placed At The Bottom/ Top Of Unit. The Cooling System Is CFC Free.

- The Shelves Are Adjustable SS Wire mesh Shelves Provided Depending upon the Selection of Oven Size.

- The Heating Is Provided ‘U’ Type SS Air Heater

- A Fully length Inner Glass Door Provided For Clear Observation Of Test

- A Fluorescent tube /Lamp provided for illumination for Clear visibly of test.

- Temp. Range: - 2°C to 8°C. § Temp. Accuracy: + 1°C.



CAT NO:  62 A

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 20”X 18” X 32”


                                    LTRS: 170

                                    CFT: 6

                HEATERS RATING: 500

                SHEL VES: 3

CAT NO:  62 B

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 24”X 22” X 36


                                    LTRS: 284

                                    CFT: 10

                HEATERS RATING: 500

                SHEL VES: 3

CAT NO:  62 C

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 24”X 24” X 36”


                                    LTRS: 342

                                    CFT: 12

                HEATERS RATING: 1000

                SHEL VES: 3

CAT NO:  62 D

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 26”X 26” X 36”


                                    LTRS: 400

                                    CFT: 14

                HEATERS RATING: 1500

                SHEL VES: 4

CAT NO:  62 E

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 28”X 28” X 40”


                                    LTRS: 420

                                    CFT: 18

                HEATERS RATING: 2000

                SHEL VES: 5

CAT NO:  62 F

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 36”X 36” X 40”


                                    LTRS: 850

                                    CFT: 30

                HEATERS RATING: 2500

                SHEL VES: 6

CAT NO:  62 G

                CHAMBER SIZE (L x D x H): 38”X 38” X 44”


                                    LTRS: 1040

                                    CFT: 36

                HEATERS RATING: 3000

                SHEL VES: 8

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