Capel-205 is a new generation capillary electrophoresis system with advanced options and design.

Features and Benefits

•    Extended autosampler capacity up to 59 positions, allowing to provide overnight analyses
•    Standard centrifuge-type vials of 1.5mL volume (Eppendorf-type) closed with their original caps are used for all solutions
•    Specially designed unit automatically opens vials just prior to their use, thus preventing evaporation and any kinds of cross-contamination
•    New HV block provides voltage up to +/- 30 kV thus improving separation efficiency and decreasing analysis time
•    Optionally – integrated unit to control the state of the inner capillary surface provides significantly improved migration time reproducibility especially when analyzing samples with complex matrices
•    Capel-205 can be the very best choice not only for R&D and low-scale analyses but also for the customers dealing routinely with dozens of samples per day.
Extended instrumental options:
•    Precise and highly effective capillary therostating provided by circulating liquid coolant (water) (±0.1 C)
•    Powerful software package "Elforun"
•    Unique design of the capillary cassettes

Analytical Characteristics

•    Detectors
•    Light source
•    Vials
•    Injection modes
•    Analysis

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