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CleanRoom Fogger Model CRF-2

The Clean Room Fogger (CRF-2), is a smoke generator used in smoke studies, converts ≈
3.5 Liters of DI Water or Pharmaceutical water for injection to fog, 57ml per minute for the
highest fog density in ultrasonic foggers produced today, generating a constant volume of pure fog at ≈ 9 CFM of fog for about 60
minutes. The CRF-2 fogger is designed for low cost and ease of use to visualize airflow, patterns and turbulence with on/off fog
control. It is used in Pharmaceutical ISO 1-9 suites, in barrier isolators, Semiconductor Clean Rooms and around equipment. Fog
visible distance is typically about 8 feet, based on airflow velocity and humidity in the clean room. The fog output is about 68 degree F,
providing a visible vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog) at a nominal 8μm droplet size. The fog is as pure as the DI
Water or WFI Water used. 16 Meg Ohm, DI water is the typical water used or WFI, Water for Injection. The CRF-2 fogger uses
ultrasonic transducers to convert pure water directly to fog vapor, one of the two highest fog densities available today. ‘Low Water’
sensors protect the transducers during operation. Also provided is a visible fill level indicator, allowing the operator to fill water to the
proper level. The CRF-2 fogger enclosure is produced with a polypropylene material to provide quick, easy wipe down of the fogger
after use. It also prevents fingerprints. A Hold Handle is provided on top to provide easy carry of the fogger. The fog vapor evaporates
to the same elements of air we breathe, leaves zero contamination behind; thus there is no cleanup required after fog operations.

A standard power supply is provided at 110VAC, or 220VAC is available. A flexible, corrugated, white fog hose can be oriented in any
direction for fog directional output as a fog stream. The Optional Fog Curtain Wand can be plugged into the Fog hose to create a fog
wall or fog curtain while reducing output pressure and fog velocity. The Optional 5 Meter Remote On/Off Power Cable is used to
place the fogger in a closed clean room or barrier isolator and operate the fogger remotely from behind a wall. The Rolling
Carry/Storage Case is useful for parts storage as well as easy fogger transport.

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