Cou-Lo Aquamax KF Moisture Meter

Cou-Lo Aquamax KF moisture meters have been specifically designed for the determination of water content. Combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method, Aquamax KF titrators determine the water content of samples by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce the required iodine – this is an absolute technique which does not require the calibration of reagents.

Aquamax KF titrators have been developed in response to many suggestions and comments from our customers in routine laboratories, off-shore platforms and in the field. The built-in battery and optional carry case provide the versatility required by the laboratory and also the ease of use and portability required by the field engineer.

The Aquamax KF offers many advantages over competition. Easy to use – simple to programme so that only a single button needs to be pressed for a titration, everything else is automatic. Complete with built-in high speed printer, everything in a single footprint, small space requirement. Results can also be downloaded via the Results Manager software package onto a pc spreadsheet.


Areas of application:

• Petrochemical

• Power (electricity)

• Chemicals

• Gases

• Automotive

• Aviation

• Pharmaceuticals &

Toiletries / Cosmetics

• Contract Laboratories

• Universities



Key Features:

• Simple operation

• 10 user programmable methods

• 1ppm / 100%

• Results in ppm, mg/kg, % & μg water

• Multi language display & print out

• Small footprint

• Integral high speed printer

• Fully portable

• Low drift cell design

• Automatically compensated errors (patented technique)

• Results Manager software

• Optional carry case

• Conforms to ASTM D1533, D4928, D6304, IP386, IP438,  API MPMS Chapter 10.9,  IEC60814, ISO 10101-3, 10337 & 12937



Technical Specifications


Titration Method:                       Coulometric Karl Fischer titration

Electrolysis Control:                   Patented “ACE” control system GB2370641

End Point Detection:                  AC polarisation

End point indication:                  Visual display/print out/acoustic beep

Measuring range:

Possible                                   1μg - 100mg water

Typical                                     1μg - 10mg water

Moisture range:                         1ppm - 100% water

Max. sensitivity:                        0.1μg

Max. titration speed:                  2.0 mg per minute

Max. current:                             400 ma

Drift compensation:                   Automatically controlled

Precision:                                 10-100μg ± 3μg, 100μg-1mg ±5μg, above 1mg ±0.5%

Start delay time:                        0-30 minutes, user selectable

End delay time:                         0-30 minutes, user selectable

Calculation modes:                    Weight/weight, (W/w)

(user programmable)                 Weight/dilution ratio, (W/K)

                                                  Volume/density, (V/SG)

                                                   Volume/volume, (V/v)

Display format:                          μg, mg/kg, ppm, %

Print format:                              μg, mg/kg, ppm, %

Statistics:                                  max, mean, min values up to 99 runs

Method storage:                        10 user programmable methods

Sample ID number:                   User programmable

Stirrer speed:                            Microprocessor controlled

Languages:                               English, Français, Español, Portuguese, Deutsch & Magyar; user selectable

Calendar/clock:                         Analysis time & date print out

Battery low indicator:                 Display & print out indication

RS232 output:                           Connection to Results Manager

Removable Data storage:          XD Card

Data Entry:                               15 key touchpad

Display:                                    40 character alphanumeric backlit LCD

Printer:                                     42 character high speed thermal printer

Power supply:                           90-264V AC, 47-63 Hz.

                                                 12V DC car adapter/internal battery

Dimensions:                              250 x 245 x 120 mm

Weight:                                     3.5 kg



Results Manager

  • Can download results directly from the titrator through a serial port connection, or open result files previously saved to disk.
  • Contains all necessary cables, connections, installation cd and user manual.
  • To use the titrator outside of the laboratory and do not have a pc or laptop with them, our built-in xd memory card system will store all results.
  • Can then be connected to our card reader to download stored data through Results Manager when returning to the laboratory.
  • Is supplied as a standard item included with the Aquamax KF.

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