MODEL NO: 26 A, 26 B, 26 C



-       Selection Of Non Electrical Cabinet Or Heated Vacuum Cabinet.

-       Both Cabinets Made Of 304 Stainless Steel Matt Finish.

-       A Full Length Glass Door In Non Electrical Cabinet & Toughened Round 4” DIA Window In Vacuum Desiccators.

-       Front – Loading In Non Electrical Model & Top Loading In Heated Desiccators.

-       Maximum 30” Hg Vacuum In Heater Desiccators With Temperature From 40°C To 124°C.



CAT NO: 26 A

                CHAMBER SIZE: 8” DIA X 8” Depth

                 LOADING TYPE MODEL: Top Loading Vacuum

                 SHELVES  OR RACK: RACK Two Tier

                  RATING: 400 WATTS

CAT NO: 26 B

                CHAMBER SIZE: 12”L X 12”W X 12”HT

                 LOADING TYPE MODEL: Front  Loading Vacuum

                 SHELVES  OR RACK: 2 Shelves

                  RATING: 900 WATTS

CAT NO: 26 C

                CHAMBER SIZE: 12”L X 20”W X 14”D

                 LOADING TYPE MODEL: "Front Loading   No-Vacuum"

                 SHELVES  OR RACK: 2 Shelves

                  RATING: "NON ELECTRICAL"

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