Microwave synthesis is a well-accepted technique used by research facilities and major pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical compnaies worldwide. This established technology has changed the way many reactions are performed, as well as preconceived ideas about the capabilities of microwave synthesis. Microwave energy is a low frequency energy source that is remarkably adaptable to many different types of chemistries from high temperature nanomaterial synthesis to low temperature carbohydrate reactions.


Perform reactions 10-1000 times faster than conventional heating
Microwave heating allows students to complete purification and analysis in the same lab period.


Achieve greater yields and increased purities
Microwave energy transfers to the reactants rapidly, giving side reactions very little opportunity to form and resulting in greater yields of the target product.


Implement green chemistry principles
Microwave reactions use less solvent than conventional reactions, and in some chemistries, less hazardous solvents or even water may be used and still produce great results.


Enhance the safety of your job
Laboratory grade microwave systems provide monitoring and feedback control of temperature, pressure, and stirring to ensure maximum safety and reproducibility in the lab.



Energy is transferred indirectly to the reactants by applying heat to the outside surface of the vessel. This form of heating is very slow and inefficient.


Since the vessel wall is virtually transparent to microwaves, energy is directly absorbed by the reaction, providing instantaneous activation or localized superheating of the molecules in solution. This direct molecular activation limits side reactions and provides a fast
and efficient form of heating.


The Discover LabMate™ provides an economical, modular platform, customizable to fit your needs. Start with a basic system and add on more capabilities as you need.

The Labmate features:
• Access to reaction temperatures up to 300 °C and 300 psi
• 10-mL vessels for research and 80-mL vessels for scale up
• A wide variety of upgradeable accessories
• Simple to use Synergy™ software for reaction programming and data management
• Integrated electromagnetic stirring
• The only microwave cavity for use with conventional round bottom flasks

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