Discover SP-D is simply the easiest, fastest way to perform acid digestions.


Discover SP-D is a sequential, pressurized microwave digestion system that processes samples quickly and easily. Typical times for sample processing are 10 minutes or less, including cool down! Run real-world sample sizes in easy-to-use 10- or 35-mL vials with snap-on caps. No more nuts, screws or difficult fi ttings to assemble! CEM’s new patent-pending ActiVent™ Technology makes it all possible with the most advanced pressure control of any microwave digestion system. Automated sample decks are available to make processing your samples even more effortless.

  • Snap on caps for 10- and 35-mL vials. No screws, nuts,fittings or tools needed!
  • Sequential format eliminates the need for batching samples
  • Pre-programmed methods - No matter what you are
  • digesting, we have an application for it!
  • Fast! Complete and cooled digestions in 10 minutes!
  • Compact design saves valuable benchspace
  • Patent-pending ActiVent™ Technology automatically
  • controls vessel pressure
  • Patented cavity design optimizes microwave energy for fast, efficient digestions
  • Patented PowerMAX™ simultaneous cooling technology
  • Full pressure and temperature control for each sample
  • Most energy effi cient microwave synthesis system available – contributes to your lab’s green initiatives
  • Pressure and temperature control of each individual sample
  • Rugged, durable solid-steel cavity design


POWER OUTPUT                                 300 Watt magnetron

PRESSURE                                          Monitor 0 -35 Bar, Control 0 - 27 Bar

                                                              ActiVent Self-Venting Technology included for pressure relief during or after reaction

TEMPERATURE                                   -80 to 300 °C control range

AIR COOLING                                      25 psi (20 L/min fl ow) user-supplied For simultaneous cooling (PowerMAX) and rapid cooldown

AUTOMATION                                     48-position [up to 48 (10-mL) vials or 24 (35-mL) vials]

                                                             72-position [up to 72 (10-mL) vials or 36 (35-mL) vials]

                                                             96-position [up to 96 (10-mL) vials or 48 (35-mL) vials]

STIRRING                                            Electromagnetic variable speed

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