MODEL NO: 25, 25 A



-      Double  Walled  Construction  Of  Mild  Steel  Duly  Powder  Coated  Outside  With  Adequate  Glass  Wool Insulation.

-     Aluminum Block Provided With Suitable Holes To Accommodate Beaker.

-     Aluminum Block Can Be Heated Up To 200°C.

-     Motorized Magnetic Stirrers 6 Nos. With Common Speed Regulators Is Provided To Stir The Liquid Inside The Vessel.

-     Solid State Digital Temp. Controller With Appropriate Heater Assures Uniformity In All The Samples.

-     Six Stirring Points in Two Row of 3 Nos. Vessel.

-     Digital Indicator Resolution of 1°C with Pt- 100 Sensor.

-     Timer Will Be Provided Of 99 Hrs. 7 Min Which Is Presettable.

-     Speed :- 300 – 1000 RPM

        Working On  230v A.C.



CAT NO: 25

             SIZE: Alu. Block Having 6 Holes of 58 mm Dia x 46 mm Depth    

             WATTS: 450

             RPM: 1000


CAT NO: 25 A 

             SIZE: Alu. Block Having 6 Holes of 58 mm Dia x 46 mm Depth (WITH  INDIVIDUAL SPEED REGULATOR AND ON/OFF SWITCH)    

             WATTS: 450

              RPM: 1000




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