DS 14000 (Basic) SMART

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus (12+2)

The new LABINDIA Dissolution Apparatus DS 14000 provide great versatility and configurability. It fulfils all requirements relating to ASTM & FDA Mechanical Calibration. The state-of-the-art Dissolution Testing with touch screen is elegant in design and user friendly with advanced features. The DS 14000 is precision engineered for USP<711> dissolution for ease of use. Allows storage of up to 200 product test run parameters.

Diagnostic functionality and validation report of the system is reliable enough for QC applications and flexible for R&D use.


  • Compliance with current USP, BP, IP
  • Designed to minimize routine validation
  • Motorised Lift Mechanism for Hands free and quiet operation
  • Automatic stirrer 25 mm depth positioning (as per USP requirement of 25mm ±2 mm)
  • Monoshaft Design with quick changeover of paddle and basket stir ring elements of apparatus 1 and 2
  • Automated Tablet drop at a single instance
  • The conical shape design for Low evaporation
  • Digital Temperature Sensor (DTS technology) with unique digital ID
  • Chemical resistant Polycarbonate OR Glass Vessels with lids complying to USP/BP/IP
  • Acrylic, good visibility water bath with Front positioned Drain Valve
  • Buffer change facility up to 3 Buffers without discontinuation of dissolution test
  • Validation repor t for Temperature, sample and Replenishing volume
  • Built in USB por t for printer connectivity, data backup and restore
  • Laser marked and cer tified precision glass Vessels, Paddles and Basket for traceability
  • Recovery Test facility to study 100% Drug Dissolution


GLP Compliance:

  • QWERTY Keyboard for entries of Sample Name, Sample Number and Identification Number for authentication
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) for date and time on display and on printout
  • Factory entered CUSTOMER NAME with Instrument Serial Number on report printouts make the system foolproof
  • Non-Volatile memory storage of 1000 methods with parameters


Ease in operation:

  • Auto Start facility to continue the dissolution analysis in case of short power interruption (especially useful for long duration analysis of sustained release tablets)
  • Reports can be obtained even after Resetting / Power off / Power failure conditions
  • Built in report data storage facility
  • Error indication helps user to trace the problem


Protects Editing, Avoids invalid entries:

  • User interactive software for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.

Alarms and Indications:

  • Audible indication for ready state of instrument.

Wake-up Alarm:

  • This unique feature automatically turns the bath heater ON at a predetermined time.

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