DeNovix DS-11

The World's Most Sensitive Microvolume Spectrophotometer

  • Full Spectrum UV-Vis
  • Integrated
  • Fluorescence Powerful
  • Sample QC
  • Flexible Export, Wi-Fi, Email, Ethernet, USB


Microvolume - Rapid 1 ul UV-Vis Measurements DeNovix Spectrophotometers quantify nucleic acids and protein using only 0.5 - 1.0 µL of sample.  Just pipette  and measure  - no dilutions  necessary. Instant  on-screen  results include concentration, a full spectrum output, purity ratios and SmartQC contamination alerts. DeNovix SmartPath Technology ensures instruments are calibrated for life with no drift  or  service  downtime.  Bridge  Testing  eliminates  broken  samples  columns  and ensures exceptional results, even for 1  µL protein samples. 




  • Microvolume Absorbance
  • Cuvette Absorbance
  • Flexible Export
  • Color Options
  • Fluorescence
  • Network Connectivity
  • Powerful Data handelling
  • Sample Contamination Alerts


Integrated UV-Vis and Fluorescence Modes

  • Microvolume- Rapid 1uL UV-Vis Measurements
  • Cuvette-Improved Detection Limits And Functionality
  • Fluorometer-Sensitive, Specific, Quantitation




Spectrophotometer Microvolume Mode (DS-11, DS-11+, DS-11 FX, DS-11 FX+)

Minimum Sample Size             0.5 µL

Pathlength                                0.5 mm (auto ranging to 0.02 mm)

Light Source                             2048 element CCD

Detector Type                           2048 element CCD

Wavelength Range                  190-840 nm

Wavelength Accuracy              0.5 nm

Absorbance Precision             0.015 AU (1 cm) or 1%, whichever is greater

Absorbance Accuracy             0.015 – 750 (1 cm)

Detection limit                          0.04 mg/mL BSA; 0.75 ng/µL dsDNA

Maximum Concentration        1125 mg/mL BSA; 37500 ng/µL dsDNA

Measurement time                   2 seconds

AutoRun Function                   Yes

Power Consumption               10W (max 30w)

Contaminant Detection           SmartQC Sample Guidance


Spectrophotometer Cuvette Mode (DS-11+, DS-11 FX+)


Beam height                          8.5 mm

Heating                                  37-45 °C +/- 0.5 °C

Pathlength                            10, 5, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.125 mm

Detection Limit                     0.002 mg/mL BSA;

                                               0.04 ng/µL dsDNA (1 cm)

Maximum Concentration     75 ng/µL dsDNA (1 cm)


Fluorometer Mode (DS-11 FX, DS-11 FX+ and FX Module)


LED Sources                       UV (375 nm), Blue (470 nm), Green (525 nm), Red (635 nm)

Excitation Filters                 UV (361-389 nm), Blue (442-497 nm), Green (490-558 nm), Red (613-662 nm)

Emission Filters                  435-485 nm , 514-567 nm, 565-650 nm, 665-740 nm

Detectors                             Photodiode, detection range 300-1000 nm

Tube Type                            0.5 mL thin-wall PCR tubes


Onboard Controller (No PC required)


Operating System               Custom Android OS

CPU                                       TI OMAP 1.5 GHz Dual Core ARM Processor

Display                                 1280 X 800 high definition color display

Internal Storage                  32GB flash drive (QFX -8GB)

Connectivity                         Wi-Fi,Ethernet, 3 USB ports

Touch Screen                       Projective Capacitive

Gesture Recognition           Multipoint touch, swipe , pinch

Glove Compatibility             All common lab gloves

Audio                                     Built in speaker

Accessories                          USB printer; Barcode reader, Keyboard, Mouse




Weight                              2 kg

Footprint                          20 cm X 33 cm

Operating Voltage           12 VDC

Approvals                        CE, UL/CSA, FCC and Japan CAB

Manufacture Location    USA

Warrenty                          3 year standard

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