Discover Focused Microwave Synthesis

The Discover’s Focused technology is the most effective design for applying microwave energy to a sample and the only single-mode design that features a “self-tuning” capability that never requires any tuning by the operator. It delivers true continuous power to the sample to ensure reproducible reaction conditions and results, regardless of volume, geometry, or changes in physical properties. The unique, circular, single-mode cavity “focuses” the microwaves onto the reactants, ensuring the sample is always in a homogenous, highly dense microwave field.

The result: faster reactions with increased yields, improved selectivity, and superior reproducibility. Optimizing your reactions more quickly and in fewer steps gives you more time to use your creativity to explore the available chemical Diversity.

Discover flexibility.

With the largest single-mode cavity available, Discover can process an array of reactions from drug discovery to laboratory scale-up. Discover is the only microwave synthesis system that gives you the choice of using pressurized vials or traditional open vessel glassware.

  • Perform atmospheric (up to 70-mL working volume) & pressurized (up to 50-mL working volume) reactions
  • Use a wide range of vessels, as well as standard condensers, addition funnels, & stirring options
  • Refluxing capability

CEM reaction tubes are pressure-rated to 500 psi and use septa that tolerate multiple piercing for reagent addition or sample withdrawal, as well as a “snap-on” design that does not require any tools or adaptors to install of remove


Discover greater control.

The Discover System utilizes a variety of onboard systems to provide optimum control over reaction conditions.

Pressure and temperature feedback systems, simultaneous reaction quenching and stirring capabilities are available and enhance Discover’s formidable array of built-in controls, providing configurable flexibility to fit any application need.

Reproducing reaction conditions is now easier and quicker than ever before!

  • IntelliVentTM patent-pending pressure measurement system allows reactions up to 300 psi

              IntelliVent is the only pressure system on the market that insures operator safety by offering an automated overpressure                  venting capability – Vials that exceed 300 psi (20 bar) are automatically and safely vented in a controlled manner before                  the operator can access the experiment.

  • Safety mechanisms and interlocks that exceed US and international certification requirements
  • Patented IR temperature measurement system
  • Optional fiber optic temperature measurement system
  • PowerMAX patented simultaneous cooling technology for enhanced yields
  • Reaction quenching
  • Improved magnetic stirring capabilities!


Instrument Specifications


Overall Dimensions:                   14.5"W x 17.2"D x 8.7"H

                                                      (36.2 cm x 43.7 cm x 22.1 cm)

Weight:                                         30 lbs

Electrical Requirements:            90 - 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 10 Amp @120 VAC, 5 Amps @ 220 VAC

Magnetron Frequency:               2450 MHz

Power Output:                            300 Watts

Pressure:                                     Monitor 0 - 35 Bar, Control 0 - 20 Bar

Temperature:                              -90° to 300° C control range

Stirring:                                        In-situ magnetic variable speed

Microwave applicator:                Circular, single-mode self-tuning

Ethernet Port:                              10 based T, 10 MB/sec

Serial Port:                                  (2) RS-232, 9 pin IBM PC compatible


This extraordinary system is now available in two configurations: the Discover LabMateTM offers a complete microwave synthesis solution with most options as standard features; the Discover BenchMateTM is a robust system with all of the most popular features and is easily upgradeable as the needs of your laboratory change. Both systems

contain CEM’s patented Focused technology and give you the versatility to increase your laboratory’s capabilities by adding any of our optional modules and accessories.

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