Discover Protein Hydrolysis

Microwave-Assisted Hydrolysis for Amino Acid Analysis at the Speed of Light


The Discover Research System is a specially designed microwave instrument for controlling acid hydrolysis conditions. The fiber optic temperature option allows precise, direct temperature measurement and control of acid hydrolysis procedures. The 45-mL vapor-phase hydrolysis vessel allows processing of up to 10 (300-μL) samples at one time. The valve panel allows connection to a vacuum and nitrogen source. The sealed sample vessel is alternately vacuum evacuated and purged with nitrogen. Hydrolysis is performed under inert, anaerobic conditions to prevent oxidative degradation of amino acids.

Synthetic phytochrome is a small peptide containing multiple serine and threonine residues. The recovery of the labile amino acids following vapor-phase microwave hydrolysis is consistent with results obtained by conventional techniques.


Testing proteins and peptides containing cystine and cysteine residues with dithiodiproprionic acid quantitatively converts these residues to the acid hydrolysis stable compound Cys-MPA. Accurate quantitation of Cys in somastatin was achieved following vapor-phase hydrolysis by microwave and conventional techniques.


CEM’s Vapor-Phase Microwave Hydrolysis System consists of 3 major components.

  • Discover Research System
  • Vapor-phase protein hydrolysis accessory set
  • Fiber-optic temperature option

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