Discover SP-D Pressurized Microwave Digestion

The Discover SP-D is the most revolutionary microwave digestion system designed since CEM introduced the first system 25 years ago. It is more than the latest technology for microwave digestion: it is a new concept in sample preparation. Discover SP-D is a sequential, pressurized microwave digestion system that processes samples in 10 minutes or less, including cool down! There are no complicated, heavy vessels, no chillers required, and no need to batch samples. For Discover SP-D, simplicity is an integral part of the system, with every aspect of the instrument designed to make it virtually effortless.

Snap on caps for 10-mL and 35-mL vials

No screws, nuts, fi ttings, or tools needed!

Sequential format with individual method programming

No need to batch samples. Just load the sample deck and go!

Pre-programmed methods

Large application library available with a wide variety of sample types


Complete, cooled digestions in 10 minutes


Saves valuable bench and fume hood space

Advanced Cooling Technology

Cools vials in minutes without chillers or water baths



Innovative Features


  • POWERMAX airflow maximizes microwave power
  • FASTER COOLING than any other microwave digestion system
  • AUTOMATED SAMPLE HANDLING OPTION Available as single-place system or with 48-, 72-, and 96-position decks Run 10-mL or 35-mL vials Process samples during a work shift or overnight
  • HIGH THROUGHPUT 6 samples per hour, up to 144 samples per day
  • INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMMING FOR EACH SAMPLE Flexibility to mix and match any sample types
  • REAL WORLD SAMPLE SIZE Up to 0.3g (dry weight) of organic material
  • ACTIVENT TECHNOLOGY Monitors pressure and controls venting of excess pressure
  • HF COMPATIBLE Need to run digestions with HF at times? No problem!
  • EASY-TO-USE SYNERGY-D SOFTWARE Electronic documentation of every sample
  • WIRELESS CAPABILITY & USB INTERFACES Run system remotely and transfer data quickly



CEM ‘s Synergy-D software is easy to use, yet powerful and flexible.

  • Real-time display of temperature, pressure, and microwave power
  • Pre-installed methods for many sample types
  • Sample queues that mix methods and sample types in a single run
  • Customizable sample reports that contain method and sample parameters; graphs of temperature, pressure, and microwave power; and notes
  • Electronic documentation for every sample
  • Method creator to customize methods
  • Administrative and standard user controls
  • Hot keys to modify temperature, pressure, and time during a run



  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food, Plant, and Animal Tissue
  • Oils and Plastics
  • Environmental
  • Inorganic and Metallurgical


NIST Traceable Calibration Device ensures

accurate temperature measurement and complies with the requirements of GLP/cGMP, ISO, and IQ/OQ/PQ documentation.




POWER OUTPUT                                300 Watt magnetron

PRESSURE                                          Monitor and control up to 500 psi (34 Bar) ActiVent Self-Venting Technology included for                                                                              pressure relief during or after reaction

TEMPERATURE                                    Up to 240 °C control range

AIR COOLING                                       Min 30 psi/2 Bar (3 cfm flow) user-supplied for simultaneous cooling (PowerMAX) and rapid                                                                         cooldown

AUTOMATION                                        48-position [up to 48 (10-mL) vials or 24 (35-mL) vials]

                                                                72-position [up to 72 (10-mL) vials or 36 (35-mL) vials]

                                                                96-position [up to 96 (10-mL) vials or 48 (35-mL) vials]

STIRRING                                               Electromagnetic variable speed




WEIGHT                                      38 lbs (17.3 kg)

DIMENSIONS                             14.2”W x 16.9”D x 11.2”H

                                                    (36.1 cm x 42.9 cm x 28.4 cm)

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