Dissolution vessel Washer Model DVW 1

Dissolution vessel clean-up is tedious and time consuming task for all quality control and drug formulation labs. Users of Dissolution Vessel Washer  essentially eliminate the need to remove, drain, clean and reposition dissolution vessels.

Main Features


1. In-Place Clean-up

2. Washes  6 Vessels  in 5-6 Minutes

3. Validation  Complied

4. Qualification Documents Available

5. Fits All Dissolution Vessel

6. Fully Mobile

7. Nozzles available for washing of Vessel I Paddle I Bath I Tank

8. Breakage of Vessel Greatly Reduced




Easily placed  on a lab cart or table because of its compact size and light weight


Easy To Use

No special training is required. Benefits achieved from  day one

  • Fits all tester vessels
  • Even stubborn surfactants are easily washed away.
  • Waste Tank is Equipped with an Electronic Level Sensor to Prevent Overflow



Each time  a vessel  is positioned into a Dissolution Bath, its centering must be measured and the height of the paddle or basket must be validated.  With the DVW 1, the vessels are cleaned in-place thus maintaining accurate parameters by eliminating the time consuming step of confirming their correct repositioning. As a result cleaning qualification is made possible.




As vessels  are washed  in-place, productivity and  efficiency in the dissolution laboratory are greatly increased. In place washing also minimizes breakage and subsequent re-calibration thus further improving cost performance.

•  Breakage Greatly Reduced

•  Cleaning Qualification Made Possible


Reduces number of dissolution test failures

DIRECT INJECTION WASH High pressure diaphragm pumps exert 45psi of pressure through strategically placed nozzle jet ports to provide optimum, 360 degree wash quality. Even stubborn surfactants are easily washed away. Unlike sprinkler type washers, where the strength of the spray is reduced with the rotation of the nozzle, the Disso Clean DVW 1   spray remains constant throughout the wash cycle.



Electrical Power :                         1 OOV 230V AC 50 I 60 Hertz

Maximum Current :                       12V

Nozzle Internal Pressure Test:        72.5psi (5.09kg I cm2)

Normal Washing Spray Pressure: 29.0psi (2.04kg I cm2)

Unit Dimensions :                          59cm (I) x 28cm  (d) x 25.5cm (h) (23" x 11 "x 1  O")

Unit Weight :                                  11.2kg (Approx. 251bs)

Flow Speed :                                  Approx. 150ml per second

Maximum Operating Temperature : 55°C

Operating Humidity :                       Up to 90% RH Continuous Use :   Up to  100 minutes

Capacity:                                                  Cleans up to 25,  one liter vessels twice before refilling the 20 liter wash tank and emptying the 20                                                                liter waste tank

Wash Time :                                     Approx. 5 - 6 minutes for 6 vessels

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