Dissolution vessel Washer Model DVW 2

Dissolution vessel clean-up is a tedious and time consuming task but one that is critical for quality control and drug discovery. Customers employing our fully-mobile, in-place multi-vessel washer essentially eliminate the need to remove,  drain, clean and reposition dissolution vessels.

Main Features

1. In-Place Clean up

2. Washes  6 Vessels  in less than  2 Minutes

3. Validation Complied

4. Qualification Documents Available

5. Nozzles operate simultaneously or independently

6. Fits All Dissolution Vessel

7. Fully Mobile

8. Nozzles available for washing of Vessel I Paddle I Bath I Tank

9. Breakage of Vessel Greatly Reduced



Nozzle assembly may be used In-line or at right ankles for special washing needs

1. Insert Nozzles into Vessels

2. Turn on Main Switch to Evacuate Spent Media

3. Press Wash Cycle Button Once for Automatic Wash and Drain



Electronically controlled wash/drain Cycle

Operate Nozzles Simultaneously or Individually

  • Fits All Tester Vessels Regardless of Manufacturer
  • Clean up to 96 vessels before refilling the 55 liter wash tank and emptying the waste tank.
  • Electronic level sensors prevent overfill and overflow
  • Quick Release Connectors
  • 2 seconds after start
  • 0.5 sec after beginning wash



1. Makes cleaning qualification possible

2. Minimizes  vessel  breakage and subsequent recalibration



High pressure diaphragm pumps exert 45psi through strategically placed jet ports to provide an optimum, 360 degree wash quality. Stubborn surfactants easily washed away.



DVW 2 Specifications

Electrical Power:                           100-240V I 50-60Hz 1  OA

Dimensions:                                   22"(w) x 31 "(d) x 31 (h) (W55cm I D79cm I H79.5cm)

Weight:                                           95kg -full (Approx. 2101bs)

Ceramic                                          Top

Tanks:                                              2 x 55 liters (14.5gal)

Vessels Washed Per Tank:              96 vessels at 4sec

Injection Volume:                             Approximately  140ml/sec

Recommended Washing Time:       4sec

Recommended Drainage Time:      11 sec

Recommended Normal Wash:        Once

Recommended Surfactant Wash:    3-4times

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