Dual Beam UV-VIS 3100XE Spectrophotometer

Dual Beam UV-VIS 3100XE Spectrophotometer


1.Photometry measurement

Measure absorbance and transmission at any defined wavelength.

2.Multi – wavelength Measurement

Measure absorbance and transmission at multiple wavelength and analyze the results by built-in methods

3.Time scanning

Determine absorbance at any time interval and defined wavelength.


Determine absorbance at any time interval and defined wavelength. It can be used to monitor real time enzyme reaction and calculate enzyme activity according to the results. The reaction rates of samples can be calculated by setting the interval time.


By measuring reference samples and establish standard curve, to determine unknown samples. Support built-in and customized formulation to establish standard curve.

6.DNA/Protein Determination

According to the sample type, chose suitable method to determine DNA,RNA and Protein concentration.

7. wavelength Scanning

Determine full wave length absorbance and transmission at defined wave length interval, generate and analyze the graph by built-in methods.

8.Customized Methods

Users can adjust the calculation methods upon own requirement and use it in corresponding determining module.



                                                                        3100 XE

Spectrum                                                        UV-Visible

Spectrum Range                                           190-1100nm

Type                                                               Double Beam

Bandwidth                                                      1nm

Lamp                                                              XENON

Detector                                                         Dual Silicon photodiode

User Interface                                                5-inch color touchscreen

Output                                                            USB,Serial port,Bluetooth (Optional)

Wavelength range                                         190-1100

Wavelength Accuracy                                   +0.3 nm

Wavelength repeatability                              +0.2 nm

Wavelength resolution                                  0.1 nm

Photometric range                                         -4 to 4 A

Photometric accuracy                                   0.5 A_+_0.002A, for 1 A_+_0.004A

Photometric repeatability                              0.5 A_+_0.001A, for 1 A_+_0.002A

Stray light                                                       220 nm < 0.05% With KCL @198 < 1% (2.35 A)

Baseline Flatness                                          +­0.002A

Scan speed                                                    3000 nm/min

Slew speed                                                    7500 nm/min

Monochromator Type                                   Reflexive, holographic, Czerney-turner, Scanning Monochromator

Capacity                                                         Single Cell and Multi-cell up to 8 (Standard)

Power                                                             100 ~ 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 W

Dimension                                                      600*450*200 mm

Weight                                                            18 kg

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