Ductless Fume Hood LB-10DLFH

Ductless fume hood LB-10DLFH is a floor mounted unit with built-in microprocessor control system. Transparent side glass windows provides bright and open working environment. Built-in centrifugal blower controls air stream speed. UV lamps aids in efficient decontamination. LED digital screen displays filter working time. Standard PVC exhaust duct removes toxic fumes and provide excellent chemical resistance.


  • Adjustable air speed ( 9 Level )
  • 10° tilted front window ( fatigue free posture )
  • Motor regulated front glass window ( height adjustment )
  • Nearest accessibility of water, gas tap and water sink
  • Exterior material with antibacterial power coating
  • UV- lamp perform chamber sterilization
  • Air velocity memory function
  • Backside air compressor avoid turbulence
  • Foot switch to start and stop the device
  • Alarm : Filter working time exceeding 3500 hours
  • Single water proof socket

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