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Our New Personal Aerosol Monitor


Installed on the roof of all types of vehicles, EcomTrek measures concentrations of air pollutants — including NO2, PM1, PM2.5,PM10, O3, NH3, VOC, CO, NO, SO2, H2S — as well as temperature, pressure and humidity.

It accurately maps air quality in order to gauge people’s exposure to pollution in urban areas.

Equipped with a three-axis accelerometer and a GPS recei­ver, EcomTrek allows you to track a vehicle’s movements and to obtain hyperlocalized measurements all the way.

Its 10-second sampling rate enables it to increase the den­sity of measured data to keep up with driving conditions



  • Accurate and hyper-localized measurements
  • Real-time pollution mapping
  • Remote recalibration with reference monitors
  • Easy to install device
  • Affordable solution



  • Urban traffic
  • Smart cities
  • Monitoring networks
  • Service for local and regional governments
  • Service for users

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