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The TSI Quest EVM Environmental Monitors simultaneously measure particulates and gas concentration in real-time. These monitors measure select toxic gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), relative humidity, temperature and air velocity.

Features and Benefits

•    Particulate, gas and photoionization detector (PID) measurement
from a single device
•    Less equipment to carry to job site; compact, user-friendly design
90-degree light scattering laser photometer measures particulates
in real-time
•    Proprietary technology for selecting particulate settings; no need for external cyclones
•    Built in sampling pump allows for gravimetric analysis
•    Large, easy-to-read display with trend graphing of measurements
•    Time history data logging and compatibility with Detection
Management Software (DMS) makes analysis efficient

Detection Management Software (DMS)

Designed for dosimetry, sound level measurements, heat stress assessments and environmental monitoring, this advanced software helps safety and occupational professionals:
•    Configure instrumentation and save pre-configured setups
•    Retrieve, download, share, and save instrument data
•    Create charts, tables, and reports to intuitively interpret your measurements
•    Export and share recorded results
The software integrates with TSI Quest Detection Solutions data logging instruments and will help you improve both operating efficiency and reporting in acoustics, heat stress and environmental monitoring.

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