The ExplorerQ employs the latest and most advanced microwave technology for the extraction of solid and semi-solid samples using common solvents at elevated temperatures and pressures. It is designed to process samples sequentially under unique extraction conditions. It is dramatically faster than conventional techniques and uses less solvent and labor. The ExplorerQ uses 35-mL vials for routine extractions and 10-mL vials for Standard Reference Materials.




Overall Dimensions:        14.5”W x 20.8”D x 27”H (36.2 cm x 51.9 cm x 67.4 cm)

Weight:                              68 lbs

Electrical Requirements: 90 - 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 10 Amp @120 VAC, 5 Amps @ 220 VAC

Magnetron Frequency:    2450 MHz

Power Output:                 600 Watt magnetron, continuous output

Pressure:                         Monitor 0 - 35 Bar, Control 0 - 20 Bar

Temperature:                   -80 to 300 °C control range

Stirring:                           In-situ magnetic

Microwave applicator:    Circular, single-mode, self-tuning

Ports:                               Ethernet, Serial - (2) RS-232, 9 pin IBM PC compatible


5 Reasons why you should switch to Microwave

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Reduce Solvent Consumption / Waste
  • Flexibility
  • Compact

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