Explorer Automated Small Scale Microwave Sample Prep

ExplorerSP is the first microwave reactor specifically designed for small scale samples. The unique design of our patented cavity allows samples as small as 0.2 mL to be heated to perform digestions, extractions, hydrolyses and specifications quickly and uniformly. Every reaction is precisely monitored and controlled by our patented temperature control system ensuring the most accurate preparation conditions possible. Run multiple samples with different heating conditions unattended and free up time to work on other projects.


Overall Dimensions:                       4.5"W x 20.8"D x 27"H

(36.2 cm x 51.9 cm x 67.4 cm)

Weight:                                          68 lbs

Electrical Requirements:              90 - 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 10 Amp @120 VAC, 5 Amps @                                                           220 VAC

Magnetron Frequency:                 2450 MHz

Power Output:                             300 Watts, continuous output

Pressure:                                    Monitor 0 - 35 Bar, Control 0 - 20 Bar

Temperature:                              -80 - 300 °C control range**

Stirring:                                       In-situ magnetic

Microwave applicator:                  Circular, single-mode, self-tuning

Ethernet Port

Serial Port:                                  (2) RS-232, 9 pin IBM PC compatible




Increase Productivity (Disposable Vessels)


  • Digest or extract samples in 5 minutes
  • Program ExplorerSP for individual reaction conditions for each sample
  • Handle samples from 0.1 mL to 7 mL
  • Disposable vessels reduce operator workload
  • 4 independent autosampler racks (additional racks are available)
  • Synerg operating software provides easy-to-use "wizards" to facilitate programming
  • Compact design fits in a standard fume hood
  • Industry's only STAT feature, allowing you to interrupt automated routines in progress to

process priority samples and automatically resume the previously programmed routine at the point of the interruption

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