Experience the advance generation of
contamination control method


TSI FMS system is an advanced, reliable, and user-friendly monitoring software suite that features a truly open architecture, supporting multiple instruments. Typical inputs include:

• Airborne particle counters 
• Temperature and humidity sensors
• Differential pressure gauges 
• Liquid particle counters
• ESD 
• Airborne molecular contamination and more

Features and Benefits

• Open architecture 
• Controls multi-point monitoring systems
• SPC control charts 
• Real-time data 
• Unique Buddy automatic hot 
• Graphs of information vs. standby option time to identify trends 
• Logs events and alarms + Built-in system redundancy 
• Back up via mirror database 
• Intuitive operation
• Multi-level maps 
• Easy data export
• Display and auto reporting 
• User defined reporting 
• Group, acknowledgement 
• Notifications via email, SMS, and auto alarms and telephone

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