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FPT500 is non-contaminating fog generator that can produce very high purity fog for airflow visualization test in clean rooms & high concentration of water aerosols (Atomized particle size 1-10μm on 80%) and which will leave no residue contaminants when droplet of water evaporates in side cleanroom. This product is widely accepted to Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Semiconductor industries.

Features and Benefits
•    Portable and exquisite.
•    Used for ISO-5 to ISO-8 in Cleanroom, vial tunnels, LAFW, BSC, Isolators, etc.
•    Very insignificant warm up time required i.e. <1 minute.
•    Easy to produce curtain-shaped fog by using fog wand which helps to check laminar air flow pattern by covering maximum area of HEPA filter at a time. 
•    We can use maximum Extendable flexible grooved milky white hosepipe of 10ft. 
•    Low noise i.e. ≤ 50dB 
•    Ultrapure foggers with absolute non-contamination. No emission of toxic gases. 
•    Cool Fog output.
•    No residual.
•    Fog is good controllability. 
•    Air Volume is adjustable.
•    Visual indicators for Airflow, Atomization & Low water level. 
•    Auto Atomization switch off / cut off if water level is low. 
•    Water tank volume : 5 Liters 
•    Water capacity Max. fill level : 3.5 Liters 
•    Fog medium Impedance : 16 to 64 MΩ Distilled Water or 
•    Filtered WFI (i.e. Water for Injection) 
•    Fog medium conductivity : 0.15 – 1.00 ms/cm 
•    Fog output rate : 0.95 m3/min 
•    Aerosol Size Distribution : 1 -10 μm 
•    Continual fogging times : 40 Minutes
•    Water Consumption : 25 to 70 ml/Min. 
•    Material of Construction : Stainless Steel SS304 


Clean Room Laminar Air Flow Testing.
Laminar Air Flow Workstations Testing.
Airflow Balance Testing.
Pressure balancing of inside & outside of the cleanroom testing.
Chemical processing equipment exhausts system testing.
Personal safety evacuation system testing.
Wet cleaning exhaust system optimization.

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