Fungilab ST.CP

Most advance, innovative, intuitive and user-friendly Cone & Plate viscometer using FSPTM Fully automatic controlled using Fungilab intuitive mobile application, purely wireless interface.


Rear Automatic Up & Down motor with accurate cone & plate positioning


Data Displayed:

> Selected Speed                                         R.P.M., S-1

> Viscosity Reading                                       cP, P, mPa.s, Pa.s, cSt, 5t, mm2/s

> Full Scale Percentage >

Sample Temperature >                               '2C o 2F

Shear Rate (SR                                             s-1

> Shear Stress (SS)                                     N/m2, Pa, Dyne/m2

> Density (Introduced by the user)           g/cm3, Kg/m3


Viscosity Reading:

Dynamic Viscosity (cP, mPa•s)

Kinematic Viscosity (cSt) (Users must enter density value.)




• Speed Range: 5 to 1000RPM (No limits on number of speeds inside the range)

• Max Torque: 5.75mNm

• Min Torque: 0.1mNm

• Accuracy: 2% FSR

Fully Electrical Automatic positioning: Up/Down
Temperature Range: 5 to 80C (Air cooling Peltier System)

• Cone manufacturing material: SS316

• Power Supply: 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz

• Standards: ASTM D4287, 1502884, BS3900, IS03219



Medium Viscosity: Adhesives, Coatings, Creams, Food products, Gels, Gums, Inks, Organisols, Paints, Paper coatings, Plastisols, resins, Starches, Surface, Varnish


High Viscosity: Adhesives, Asphalt, Compound, Chocolate, Composite polymers, Epoxy resins, Gels, Viscous inks (Offset, lithographic), Molasses, Pastes, Sealants, Sheet molding, Tars, Vinyl Esters

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