GAS Addition Accessory for CEM discover Microwave Synthesis System

The new Gas Addition Accessory for the Discover line of Focused Microwave Synthesis System allows the addition of gaseous reagents to reaction mixtures for a variety of applications including hydrogenations, carbonylations, and hydroformylations.


  • Working volume2-7ml (uses standard 10 ml tube for the reaction vessel)
  • Incorporates fiber optic probe to measure the temperature
  • Allows gas addition, vacuum purge, and venting in addition to currently available ability to measure pressure during the reaction
  • Operating limits upto 200 psi and 2000C
  • Offers a fine degree of control over the amount of gas used
  • Compatible with the entire Discover line of modular microwave synthesis systems
  • Easy upgrade for current Discover users


Microwave-enhanced synthesis offers advantages including rate and yield enhancements. In addition, many chemistries requiring gaseous reagents can be driven to completing using only moderate temperatures and pressures. Hydrogenation conditions of 10 minutes and 50psi (3.4 Bar) are all that are required for quantitative conversion to the desired product.

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