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Scan 1200 is a high-resolution automatic color colony counter with fully automatic lighting. Widely used in food microbiology, it counts colonies and automatically saves all data to Excel. Equipped with a digital camera and powerful software, it connects to a PC via a USB connection. Scan 1200 counts all colonies, even the smallest ones.
In compliance with CFR 21 part 11, EUCAST, CA-SFM, ISO 7218, ISO 4887-2

Technical Specifications

•    All stainless steel body
•    Color HD CCD camera
•    Digital zoom x28 
•    Resolution : 1.2 mega-pixels
•    Counting time: 1000 colonies per second
•    Minimum size of colony: 0.05 mm
•    Counting: automatic with manual control
•    Counting on Petri dishes (55 - 90 mm)
•    Counting on chromogenic medium
•    Inhibition zone measurement
•    Counting on PetriFilm
•    Counting on RIDA Count
•    Counting on Compact Dry
•    Counting on filtration membrane
•    Inhibition zone reader : automatic with possible manual check-up
•    Number of antibiotic paper disks: up to 8 antibiotics on a 90 mm Petri dish
•    Reading time: 8 inhibition zone reading in 1 - 3 seconds

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