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Compact, powerful and easy-to-use dataloggers record up to 16,000 readings. Models to choose from: Temperature (42260/42265) or Temperature and Relative Humidity Datalogger (42270/42275). Multiple Dataloggers can be programmed and data downloaded from one single docking station. USB cable and software included to easily download collected data to your PC for further analysis.

Features and Benefits

•    Model 42265 — Temperature Datalogger kit records up to 8000 readings 
•    Model 42275 — Temperature and Humidity Datalogger kit records up to 16,000 readings 
•    Use in storage containers, shipping vans, and freezers 
•    Logs data for days, weeks or months (~1yr battery life) 
•    Multiple Dataloggers (42260 or 42270) can be programmed and data downloaded from one single docking station 
•    Programmable sampling rate from 1sec to 2hrs plus Hi/Lo limits with alarm indication 
•    Program the logger, analyze and store data using Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8 compatible software 
•    View temperature (42265) or both humidity and temperature (42275) on LCD display 
•    Three start methods: Scheduled, immediate, magnetic 
•    Real time clock stores date & time with data 
•    Waterproof: 42260 to IP65, Water-resistant: 42270 
•    Kits include one datalogger, docking station with USB cable, and software


•    Cleanroom
•    Freezer
•    Shipping Crates
•    Storage areas
•    Refrigerator
•    Shipping vans
•    Cargo vessels
•    Warehouses


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