ILC07 Automated System

PermeGear’s Automated Systems incorporate In-Line Cells, a peristaltic pump, a fraction collector, and a heater/circulator into a versatile system for analyzing flux over time. Collection vials are at the option of the user, racks for 20ml / 28mm diameter scintillation vials are provided. Adapters are available to allow the use of many different vials.

All PermeGear automated diffusion cell systems are based on the continuous flow principle. A multi-channel peristaltic pump draws receptor solution from a reser­voir through a distribution manifold and sends it to the In-Line Cells. The cells are warmed to 32ºC by a heater/ circulator that pumps water through the Cell Warmer in which the In-Line Cells are located. After filling the receptor chambers of the cells and purging the system of bubbles, the subject compound is then placed in the donor chambers of the cells. From that time, the fluid is collected in the vials of the fraction collector at user set time intervals. The vials are taken for analysis manually after the sampling time has elapsed.

 The components of the ILC07 are as follows:


  • (7) In-Line Cells (many configurations)
  • #10035 Cell Warmer
  • #10027-14 1-liter reservoir & manifold
  • #10033 Fraction Collector
  • #10060 Heater/Circulator
  • #10090-08 Peristaltic Pump



The ILC07 Automated System is compact assembly of integrated  components. Its footprint is 27” deep by 29” wide. Once the system is set up, no space on either side of it is required for operation.





Width:                                       29 in. / 73.7 cm    

Depth:                                       26 in. / 66.0 cm

Height:                                      24 in. / 61.0 cm

Weight:                                     120 lbs. / 54.4 kg

Peristaltic Pump:

Range:                                     0.090 mL to 40 mL per minute

Line to Line variation:             5% CV max, 2% CV typically

Heater Circulator:

Working Temperature Range:         20oC to 150oC

Temperature Stability:                      +0.03oC

Flow Rate:                                         15 L/min

Fraction Collector:

Maximum Samples:                          175

Programmable Interval:                    1 to 9999 minutes


Orifice Diameter:                               + 0.5 mm

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