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The Sentroid SM100i represents the next evolution in personal olfactometry. This intelligent instrument can conduct full odour analysis including YES/No test mode in full accordance to the international EN13725 standard. The SM100i can analyse from a sample bag or be deployed in the field for direct olfactometry and ambient odour measurement. In addition to odour concentration (in OU) the SM100i with the use of the wearable OdoTracker can also automatically record Ammonia (NHx) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in real-time.

Features and Benefits

•    Capabilities
•    Accuracy : Micro-computer controlled dilution range from 2 to 30,000 OU
•    Meeting the en13725 standard
•    Direct olfactometry
•    Ambient odour monitoring
•    Complete automation
•    Odotracker
•    Comparison to full scale laboratory

•    Use the SM100i to: 
•    Conduct daily odour emission assessment 
•    Determine odour mitigation effectiveness over time 
•    Monitor emission compliance and conduct 
•    N-butanol screening

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