Integrating sphere cat

The Integrating sphere is used to measure the diffuse reflectance of solid sample and powder, as well as the transmittance of lens and films. The Integrating sphere can analyze the chrominance, color difference, and whiteness.

The following picture shows the integrating sphere.

Main unit

  • Integrating sphere
  • Sample plate 1——sample plate
  • Sample plate 2——reference plate
  • Front board——replaces the front board on the instrument
  • Photo multiplier socket——connect with the main unit
  • Signal wire of photo multiplier
  • Reflecting mirror M1
  • Reflecting mirror M2
  • Reflecting mirror M3
  • Photo multiplier.

Front board
The front board shown on the right picture is used to replace the standard front board on the instrument, connecting the integrating sphere with the main unit.



No.                   Item                                Specifications                              Remark
1                      Model                            IS19-1
2                      Incidence angle             Sample 0° reference 8°
3                      Minimum dimensions    Width 15mm×height 25mm         Diffuse reflectance
4                      Minimum dimensions    Diameter 20mm                          Transmittance
5                      Wavelength range          230nm 850nm                            Slit 5nm
6                      Sphere diameter                58mm

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