Lab Water-Arium Mini and Pro

Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

Arium water system best suited for your sensitive analytical application.


Arium Mini Ultrapure Water Systems

Compact Arium® Mini laboratory water systems have been designed for Type 1 ultrapure water requirements of 10 liters per day and are ideal for use in preparation of buffers, media and samples, both in life sciences applications and in analytical laboratory procedures.

A large, touch activated screen and intuitive menu navigation ensure exceptionally easy operation. Regardless of your type of feed water available, use Arium® Mini or Arium® Mini Plus featuring our unique bagtank technology or connect Arium® Mini Essential directly to your deionized water supply line in the lab.


Arium Pro Ultrapure Water Sytem

As a reliable source of ultrapure water, the Arium Pro series offers a flexible and modular system which, compared to conventional devices, demonstrates excellent added value.

All systems meet and exceed the ASTM Type 1 water quality standards and ensure the best reproducible results in their class. Up to 2L of consistently high-quality ultrapure water with a conductivity of 0.055 µS/cm (^= 18,2 MΩ × cm) can be dispensed per minute. The ultrapure water is virtually microorganism-free when an Arium® Sterile Plus final filter is used.

The patented Sartorius technology, the SD card slot, the long service life and low maintenance requirement distinguish the Arium Pro systems as an easy-to-use, economical and reliable Type 1 ultrapure water system.



Features for Mini & Pro:

  • Reliable ASTM Type 1 water quality
  • Consistently low TOC level
  • Reliable process stability


Benefits for Mini & Pro:

  • Increase sensitivity of analytical results and minimize chemical ion interference -
  • Remove TOC levels down to a minimum and avoid background noises in chromatograms -
  • Offering a variety of services, e.g. installation, equipment qualification (IQ|OQ), preventative maintenance etc.


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