LabExpress Rapid Filtration System

The LabXpress™ is a flexible filtration tool which significantly reduces filtration time and simplifies clean up.

Easier than syringe filtration and quieter than vacuum filtration, it is simply the fastest way to filter your samples. The LabXpress uses positive pressure to perform rapid filtrations using a disposable filter cup. The compact and portable LabXpress rotates to allow easy access to all of the station’s filter cups. The station can be used for both aqueous and solvent based separations.




  • Positive pressure design
  • Uses disposable filter cups
    • Glass
    • Cellulose (ashless)
  • Adjustable height to accept a variety of collection containers
  • Convenient numbering system to track samples
  • Small footprint
  • Accepts wide variety of evaporation containers including TurboVap and N-Evap
  • Maximum height of the turntable is 7.5" (19 cm).
  • Minimum height of the turntable is 4.0" (10 cm).
  • The collection vessel base must fit in the recess in the turntable. The diameter of the recess and thus the maximum diameter of the base of any collection vessel to be used is 2.125" (5.4 cm).
  • Preassembled disposable filters are available in packages of 20.

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