Liberty Lite Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

The Liberty Lite provides advantages over existing peptide synthesizers with it’s patented use of microwave irradiation during both the deprotection and coupling steps (15 minute cycle times), in situ temperature control, Flex-Add™ delivery system, and efficient solvent usage. Additionally, the system can be upgraded at any time to a complete Liberty Blue system.

  • Flex-Add Technology
  • In-Situ Fiber Optic Temperature Control
  • The Microwave Advantage


The best software


The Control software makes programming and running the Liberty Lite system fast and easy.

• Pre-programmed default methods for the full synthesis scale range

• Easy-to-use “Change Bottle” feature for rapid system setup

• Usage and reagent calculators make reagent preparation simple

• Fully customizable methods and cycles

• Self-diagnostics and automated cleaning routines





Synthesis Scale

0.005-5 mmol

Reaction Vessel Sizes

30- and 125-mL


Fmoc only

Activation Method

in situ standard activators

Amino Acid Reagents


External Bottle Positions


Temperature Measurement

in situ fiber optic

Fluid Measurement

Flex-Add - amino acids, activator, activator base, Timed delivery - main wash, deprotection


Programmable inert gas bubbling

Waste Container

1 L reservoir with overflow detectionLarger sizes available


Laptop with wireless option standard

Optional Features

Cleavage module


Printable .pdf file for each method createdLog created during each run of every step performed


120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz


20”W x 18”D x 30”H

(51cm x 46 cm x 76 cm)

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