Liberty PRO

Automated Production Scale Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

The Liberty PRO allows for fully automated, production scale, microwave peptide synthesis using multiple reaction vessel sizes for a variety of synthetic scales. Batch crude peptides up to 1 kg can be synthesized with a typical cycle time of 15-45 min per amino acid. Easily scale up peptides optimized on the Liberty Blue.



  • Full cGMP compatibility
  • 3 L, 8 L, and 15 L reaction vessels
  • NIST traceable internal temperature control
  • Dual-mode agitation with mechanical stirring and N2 mixing
  • Inert, cGMP compliant wetted materials
  • Seamless method transfer from R&D to production scale.
  • Ensure the quality of every batch.
  • Synthesize large batches of peptides faster than conventional reactors.
  • Fully verifiable and traceable software and instrumentation.
  • Maximize your production time.

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