Liberty1 Automated single channel microwave peptide Synthesis

The Liberty1 System is fully automated and designed to synthesize a peptide using microwave irradiation to accelerate both the deprotection and coupling reactions. During the course of conventional peptide synthesis, the growing peptide chain can form aggregates with itself or neighboring chains, which results in low quality peptides. Due to its highly charged resonance structure, the peptide bond will readily absorb microwave energy inducing molecular motion within the peptide. Microwave energy can overcome chain aggregation by inducing random motion within the peptide, allowing for free access to the N-terminus of the growing peptide chain and resulting in a significant increase in the peptide purity.

Intuitive Software


  • Preprogrammed default methods for the full synthesis scale range
  • l Easy-to-use change bottle feature for rapid system set up
  • l Usage and reagent calculators make reagent preparation simple
  • l Fully customizable methods and cycles




  • Pressure detection for all chemical transfers
  • Accurate timed and sensor deliveries depending on the reagent
  • Self diagnostics and automated cleaning routines
  • Detailed run history and error reporting
  • Waste level detection
  • Best-in-class service and support

Optional Features


  • Capping Feature – complete kit to allow for optional capping during the coupling cycle
  • 10 mL Reaction Vessel – allows for synthesis scales as low as 0.025 mmol
  • Bottle Setup Software – allows user to rename any bottle position in the software to accommodate unusual chemistries
  • One Shot Option – software/hardware feature that allows complete addition of an amino acid to the reaction vessel without priming - perfect for small scale syntheses!



Synthesis Scale                                   0.025 – 5 mmol

Reaction Vessel Sizes                         30 and 125 mL (standard)

                                                               10 mL optional

Chemistry                                            Fmoc only

Activation Method                               In situ, standard activators

Amino Acid Reagents                          20

External Bottle Positions                     4 (1 additional optional)

Temperature Measurement                 In situ Fiber-optic

Heat Source                                         Microwave

Fluid Measurement                              Variable size sample loop – amino acids, activator, activator base Timed delivery – Main wash, deprotection

Agitation                                              Programmable inert gas bubbling

Reagent Transfer                                 Nitrogen or Argon pressure

Waste Container                                  20 L reservoir with overflow detection

Controller                                            User selectable desktop or laptop with wireless option standard

Reports                                               Printable .pdf file for each method created. Log created during each run of every step performed

Power                                                  120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz

Dimensions                                         26”W x 20.5”D x 26”H (66 cm x 52 cm x 66 cm)

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