The MARS™ 6 is a microwave acid digestion system that produces clear digestate from samples for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA. Rocks, plants, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, plastics, metals, and more can be digested easily, using preloaded methods. For over 30 years, lab technicians have been using MARS systems for sample preparation. With the latest updates to the MARS 6, the process is even easier.

Microwave acid digestion is a technique to dissolve metals, bound within a sample matrix, into liquid. This is achieved by exposing a sample to a strong acid, in a closed vessel and raising the temperature and pressure through microwave irradiation. Both the speed of thermal decomposition of the sample, and the solubility of heavy metals in solution are increased. Once these heavy metals are in solution, they can be quantified through elemental techniques. The MARS 6 reduces sample prep time by more than 70%, as compared to traditional techniques.

Pre-installed methods, are one touch away.
By selecting the One Touch™ icon on the MARS 6 touch screen, you’ll be able to choose the sample type from the pre-installed methods.Your method includes the recipe for digestion, including: sample size, acid type, and acid volume. From there, it will automatically detect the type of vessel you
are using, count the vessels, adjust the power accordingly, and perform the digestion for you. It couldn’t be easier.


iWave Light Emitting Technology (LET)

Better control means better results.
iWave® is a contactless, in-situ temperature technology that measures the sample temperature of each vessel in real-time. There is no need for a control vessel, fiber-optic probes, or wires. This new innovation utilizes Light Emitting Technology® (LET) that determines the temperature of the actual sample, rather than the vessel.


Achieve the accuracy of fiber-optic, with the ease of contactless sensor technology.
Accurate temperature measurement and control is the critical factor in microwave digestion. Achieving precise temperatures reproducibly allows for the digestion conditions to be met and samples to be completely digested time after time.


Probes can be a thing of the past.
Assembling control vessels and making connections are a thing of the past. No more cumbersome assembly of control vessels. No more connecting probes to the microwave. Simply slide the turntable into the cavity and press start.


iWave is as accurate as internal temperature probes.
The data is in. When compared to the industry standard of fiber-optic temperature control, iWave is just as accurate. You get the exact temperature of every sample with precision and simplicity.



The most advanced digestion vessels ever made

iPrep™ can digest up to 2x more sample per run, and has higher operating parameters than any other vessel. Larger samples ensure homogeneity and
increase limits of detection, a plus for any lab.

Hand Torque Tool
There’s no need to use a heavy wrench to assemble iPrep vessels. Our custom fit hand torque tool makes it easy to properly assemble the iPrep vessels, while reducing hand fatigue. One click is all it takes to apply the correct amount of torque, everytime; making it imposible to overtighten or undertighten the vessels.

Dual-Seal Advantage
The high temperature and pressure conditions afforded by this seal and vessel design provide for the complete digestion of difficult organics, such as PET, bunker oil, organic dyes, toner, thermoplastics, and many other difficult to digest materials.

2X Capacity
In addition, its large 110 mL volume allows for larger sample sizes, as compared to other high performance vessels.

Elemental Integrity
The dual-seal function provides for unmatched control of the byproducts from digestions such as CO2 and NOx fumes. These are precisely vented outside the vessel, while maintaining the full integrity of all elements, even volatile analytes such as As, Se, and Hg.


MARS 6 Accessories

Reduce your acid volume with the MicroVapTM accessory. The only system that automatically shuts off when final volume is reached. No more guessing. Eliminates boric acid neutralization step when using HF.

Simple and fast NIST traceable calibration source for iWave and IR sensors. Calibrate sensors at temperatures up to 175 °C.

MARSXpress Capping Station
Provides for rapid and automated capping and uncapping of MARSXpress vessels.

Anti-Static Ionizer
Perfect tool for weighing materials into Teflon® vessels. This is especially useful for powdered samples and for laboratories with low humidity.

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